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Information: Are you in need of affordable medical supplies from a reputable supply store? AA Discount Medical Supplies offers a wide range of medical supplies, from elderly vitamins to liquid nutrition. Stop by today to see our vast variety of supplies and equipment.

Do you or a patient require slight assistance with excretory needs? Does your delayed mobility prevent you from accessing a restroom quickly enough? For any and all necessities regarding elimination, AA Discount Medical Supplies is at your service. We carry adult diapers for all of your personal needs.

Did you assume that the only therapeutic shoe store is in the mall? If it hurts your feet when walking even short distances, come in and see us. One of our well-trained team members, here at AA Discount Medical Supplies, will have you on your feet in no time. You will be fitted for the perfect style according to your foot-type and to your own personal gait. Allow us to relieve you of some of that weight you have been carrying around on your shoulders…..or on your feet!

When we reach a certain age, our bodies require vitamin supplements to ensure we are taking in the proper nutrients. This is why vitamins for the elderly are necessary. Elderly supplements will give you the vitamins and nutrients that your body is lacking and the essential energy to go about your everyday life. Learn More

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